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Immigration through the K-1 Fiancé Visa

Bringing Your Foreign Fiancée to United States

While most people opt to bring their foreign spouse to the U.S. on an immigrant visa (through the I-130 process), there are times when a K-1 visa (fiancé visa) is appropriate.    

The K-1 fiancée/fiancé visa is available for individuals who have not yet married.  While certainly there are arguments that it is easier to bring a spouse to the U.S. as opposed to a fiancé, some people prefer to take this route.  I cannot tell you which option to pursue, but I can certainly advise you on the pros and cons, as well as assist you with every step of the process - from the filing of the I-129 Petition with the USCIS, to the processing at the National Visa Center, to preparing for your visa interview, and at last, completing the adjustment of status process upon your fiancée's arrival in the U.S.  Keep in mind that the K-1 visa has strict rules – including a requirement that the parties marry within 90 days of the fiancé’s arrival in the US - and failure to comply can incur serious consequences.   

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