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Why Hire Us

You Are Our Priority

We focus on our clients.  What this means is that you come first.  We listen to you and work vigilantly and tirelessly to find the best strategy to ensure your needs are met and your rights are protected.

We Speak Your Language

We believe that knowledge is power. From the very first consultation, we are committed to helping you understand the complicated immigration processes.  You do not need the burden of knowing how the law works - that's our job - but you should know how we plan to apply the law and utilize our extensive legal experience to help you achieve your goals.  We leave the legalese where it belongs - in legal filings - and speak with you in the way that is comfortable and effective for you.  And in the case of our Russian-speaking clients, Attorney Veronica Tunitsky is fully bilingual in English and Russian.

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Our Cases Are Handled by Lawyers

We know that you came to us because you want an experienced, dedicated immigration attorney, not a legal assistant, to take the lead on your case. We know this because many clients who come to us after leaving another firm lament that the only time they saw or spoke with a former attorney was at the first consultation.  You do not have to worry about that with us.  Attorney Veronica Tunitsky will personally handle all key aspects of your legal representation.

We See Your Perspective

Attorney Veronica Tunitsky immigrated from the Former Soviet Union with her family over 30 years ago.  What this means is that your experience is her experience and she has been in your shoes.  She knows what it's like to be a foreigner in a foreign land and will work tirelessly to help you and your family achieve the American Dream.